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About Our App

ActivWalk believes our future generations should live a healthy lifestyle. The reason for obesity among younger generations is the imbalance intake calories. Studies shown that by walking 7000 steps daily, it can help in reducing obesity. ActivWalk envisions a walking culture by rewarding people for achieving the 7000 steps daily. Therefore, we create a mobile APP to track the steps by the user. Once the steps is achieved, user can claim the rewards from our partnering merchants from various retail industries. ActivWalk is positioned to outclass other competitors by providing novel features which will attract and retain user’s interest.

Claim Daily

Rewards from merchants can be claimed everyday once you achieve the 7000 steps goal.

Personalized Rewards

With our unique Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithm, rewards that are unique to your choice and preference will be recommended to you.

GPS Guidance

The GPS guided Augmented Reality will bring you to the merchants that offer you the reward of your choice.

Broadcast Rewards

This App will send notifications to update you any new and latest rewards everyday.

Online Fitness Coaching

Besides rewards, this App will also give you updates and news about the online fitness coaching offering you the best exercise experience everyday.

Shopping Mall® Mode

When you are in a shopping mall, the rewards can be achieved in lesser time with our Shopping Mall® mode.

How The App Works?

Sign Up

Sign up using email or Facebook® account as a member.

Start Walking

Carry along your smartphone and start walking. This App will track your walking steps.

Achieve Goal

Achieve a daily walking steps goal of 7000 steps. This App will notify you when the goal has been achieved.

Claim Reward

Select your favourite reward and claim from a merchant everyday.

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